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ENGINEERING MECHANICS lecture 1 ki jankari


               Mechanics this science is defined as a branch whose condition describes and predicts Body or body movement under powerful operation the engineering mechanism applies Principle for design, taking into consideration the principles of military effectiveness. Static Static’s are associated with the balance of the body. Hard body A strict body is defined as a certain amount of substance, the portion of which has been fixed The physical body is never completely related to each other, but it is quite rare Under the load's proceedings. If the deformation is negligible if compared to its size the body is called strict. Forced Persistent can be defined as any action that prompts someone to change the state of rest or movement. To whom it is applicable To define the full force, the required three numbers are called its S.

Solid power / point load Distributed power action force is in the direction, with a straight line through its direction of direction this app is used to move the boat to the body when applied. This is the line the line of power called the action. Power representation A straight line segment can be shown with a power The composition of two armies There is a possibility of a reduction in the system of armed systems for the armed forces There is a problem of designing the equivalent forces Law of parallel If the α angle working under the angle AB and A.C. If two lines are used A body at point A. Their actions are characterized by the equivalent of a force's action Vector A.D., obtained as a diagonal of a parallelogram constructed on a vector Directed as shown in Figure AB and AC.

Determining a force Changing one force by multiple factors Power action and feedback Often physical condition controls are checked in the position of arms Free body figure Checking the balance of the body requires free body head or While drawing the free body figure And reactor on it Collin Force Balancing :Equilibrium Law: The two forces will be balanced only they are the same Slightness, vomit towards and velocity slider Determining a force Many factors change the same-force Power action Using a parallelogram, a force rocks two parts in R And the question one point is nice Balanced Equilibrium Balance :Equilibrium laws: The balance of two armies can be only when they are big size ,Inverted and executed towards.

Abortive act Make a positive form unsuccessful The forces in the Equilibrium deposit or deduct from other systems Equilibrium of concurrent power in the plane If a body is called equilibrium, it is done in many contradictory ways, Flat parties, then these forces or their free speakers, when Has been geographically added This system shows a balance status for any system Plane equivalent Lime’s theorem While the three coordinated forces themselves are working, each power Between the lines of the other two armies and continuously between the lines Authentication is the same The principle of a power transmissibility: Using a force, the inequality of the point can be transmitted with its linear action Changing power effect on any rigid ladder Moment of Mode A moment of strength in the context of a point: It is to think of feathers as the same force is under two forces P and Q It is clear that strength p questions can be more effective, even if they are Equal magnitude The power related effectiveness is the tendency of rotation creation Body of a body That point moment = magnitude of power * line spacing of the action line Of power Point is the center of the moments of the moment and is perpendicular to the distance Hand the moment called One unit is nm Vergon's theorem: Two concurrent forces in the context of one of them centers in the moment The Arabic mathematical calculator of the plane is the same Some centers.

Fraction The force which opposes the agitation is called power Friction power or just friction is a resistance to this speed The contact surface was offered by micro-particles but, here There is a limit beyond If the applicable limit is greater than this limit, Fresh power has a limited value when it is faster than others That is happening, it is said to be the limiter Whenever the power is applied, when the limited components are reduced, the body will appear Relaxation and eg bone strength are called Static fractures, which are No value during zero and limited fracture If applied, the force of the force exceeds the friction limit, the body starts Other body and watch resistant resistance Starting the protocol.

 Experimentally it has been found that the volume of volume is one big size There are two pages and these responses consistently respond to general responses Francine is called multiplier Friction multiplier = FN Where F is Fraction Limit and N is a normal reaction in the contact surface Fractioning coefficient for showing μ.· Dynamic Freison is classified into the following two types: A) Straight Depreciation) Rolling Fraction Sarita friction is friction Other body Rolling friction is tightness Surface·Limiting friction

Fraction Rule 1. Deprecated power works towards the body's reversal Moving Balance2. The limit value is not equal to, the maximum of the power generation Forward-power Obesity of limited friction the two pages of contact are called feedback and this ratio is coefficientFraction's4. Deprecated power depends on the intensity / severity of this surface.5. Low power is the subject of two contacts Surface 6. The body starts It is less than its platform and it is stable Ratio with normal ratio is called the ratio coefficient French angle Think of the horizon surface and accordingly Horizon bridge p. The heat energy and N normal reaction Therefore, the surfaces of the face are F and N, so they can be combined drawing The properties for R function for normal response in R con θ. It is given in the name of the con named θ.

Resize angle 27 The angle elsewhere in the plane are formed With arrows, when the θ is small, the block will rest on the plane. If θ is mild then Growth, comes with a stage profit the θ, which is moving upward, is called the angle of the resurrection. So much, the maximum The temptation of the plane, which is a body free from the external body, gives rest When one strength runs towards P Friction power limits friction and resultant response RK Caps with normal α limited If a person has a dynamic movement in other movements, then the resultant Usually giving the direction of the reactions, the distribution angle limits to α. Thus, when the direction of the power varies through 360-B Therefore, they create uniform quantitative cones in the middle and mid-center of 'α'. Center of gravity At the center of gravity: This point is that of distributed Gravity Power pass Due to the result of the body's gravitational (weight) efficiency as a result of which At the center: A field is located in the center of gravity.

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